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Best Family Vacation Destinations

Traveling with all family members can be complicated and frustrating if you are not sure about the best destinations to choose. It is important to select a place to travel to that can keep everyone entertained and having a great time. When you plan for your next trip, it is crucial to think about who will be joining, what they will want to do to pass the time, and how to best keep every family member excited and happy throughout the duration of the trip. Doing your research on the many destinations that are considered family-friendly will help you to choose the best place. Here are a few destinations you may want to consider for your next family trip because they provide a lot of great options for all family members.

Rome, Italy

As one of the most architecturally stunning cities in the world, Rome is bound to inspire every family member. While not the perfect destination for extremely young children, your grade-school children will enjoy learning about the history and the awe-inspiring architecture in this amazing city. Wine, pasta and other native delicacies will keep all the older family members enjoying their days while strolling through the streets. Furthermore, visiting famous structures like the Pantheon, the Colosseum and the Trevi Fountain can give everyone a hands-on history lesson on this magnificent city. There are plenty of activities to plan, but an aimless walk around town may be all you need to keep everyone in your family entertained and inspired for hours each day.

Orlando, Florida

If you are traveling with young children, you just cannot go wrong with Orlando, Florida. This city is home to multiple big-name theme parks like Disney World and Universal Studios. Additionally, SeaWorld, Gator Land and many other tourist attractions are all in close proximity to large, kid-friendly hotels and resorts. Keep in mind, this is an extremely hot destination in the summertime, and while it is tempting to travel here when the children are off from school for their break, the weather can make for a miserable vacation. Furthermore, if you are traveling on a budget with a large family, all these theme park admission prices can add up fast. You may want to consider buying a multi-park ticket for your family members, or visiting lesser-known attractions in the area. There are many impressive mini golf adventure spots, smaller theme parks and beautiful beaches nearby, where you could spend a few days enjoying your time with your family.

Cancun, Mexico

Cancun gets a bad reputation as a party city, but it can be so much more than that. Your entire family will enjoy this city's fun and eclectic cuisine and beautiful beaches. Hotel rates for beachside rooms are extremely reasonable, making this a budget-friendly choice for your next trip. This destination also offers a water park for the kids to enjoy, and the fascinating Mayan ruins for the adults in the family. Your family members can see these structures up close and personal, while they learn about the history of the indigenous people. If you are looking for a hassle-free, all-inclusive resort for the entire family to enjoy, you should begin planning your next trip to Cancun. There are several beautiful resorts to choose from.

Williamsburg, Virginia

Any history buff in your family would adore a Williamsburg vacation. There are many war reenactment sites and history museums to explore. There are also countless options for keeping your younger children entertained. For instance, Williamsburg is home to a Busch Gardens theme park and beautiful rivers that connect to form a recreational space for children to enjoy the water. Also, a fun boardwalk in Virginia Beach can be a fun day trip destination. Your family can soak in the sites and shops on the boardwalk and dip their feet in the ocean. Finally, resorts and hotels line the beach and are also available right in the city, making it a breeze to find vacant lodgings.

The Bahamas, Caribbean

These beautiful islands offer budget-friendly airfare and lodgings, which make planning a vacation easy. The Bahamas include pristine beaches with fun watersports like jet skiing and snorkeling. Also, nature trails, planetariums and wildlife centers can keep the little ones entertained throughout the trip.