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How to Deal With Loneliness When Traveling for Work

Traveling for business certainly has its perks, but there are also some drawbacks. For one, traveling for work can be lonely at times, especially if you are regularly on the road. Fortunately, there are several ways to ease or avoid the loneliness of traveling for business. To learn more about dealing with loneliness while traveling for work, take a look at the useful information below.

Work in a Public Space

As tempting as it may be to work comfortably in the hotel room, one way to deal with loneliness while traveling for business is to work somewhere public. Whether the hotel has a public working space or a comfortable lobby, both are excellent options for getting out of the hotel room and working alongside other people.

Make Time for Phone Calls

Since texting first became an acceptable form of communication, many mobile phone users have sworn off talking on the phone. However, talking on the phone while traveling has its benefits. For one, talking allows friends and family members to give one another their undivided attention, while text messaging usually competes with other activities such as reading a book, watching television, cooking dinner or cleaning up the kitchen. When friends and family set aside a specific time to talk on the phone while traveling, it can help to lessen the burden of business travel. Even a short, 10-minute phone call can help travelers to fight feelings of loneliness.

Take Advantage of Face-to-Face Interaction

Connecting through Skype or FaceTime can help to provide a sense of normalcy while traveling. Even apps such as Snapchat are helpful for sharing short videos and photos with loved ones.

Share a Room With a Colleague

As strange as it may seem to share a hotel room with a colleague, it can be a useful way to avoid loneliness while traveling for business. When it comes time to settling down in the evening, it may be enjoyable to discuss the events of the day with a colleague, whether in the hotel room or out at dinner. You never know - a lifelong friendship may form because of it.

Take Someone Along

Traveling alone makes it difficult to get excited about sightseeing and exploring the city, but bringing your spouse, your child or your friend along can make the experience much more enjoyable. Bringing a loved one along on a business trip will help workers to feel more comfortable and relaxed in their unfamiliar surroundings - possibly even helping them to perform better in meetings or on the job.

Go to a Movie

If time permits, go see a new movie in the movie theater. Many movie theaters offer a VIP experience, which allows guests to order food and beverages during the show, making the experience even more enjoyable and helping workers get their mind off of their trip.

Make Time for Sightseeing

Before taking off on a business trip, put together a list of several attractions you would like to see while visiting the city. Whether it be a museum, a new restaurant or a park, sightseeing helps to make the trip more exciting, enjoyable and memorable.

Make Time for Personal Development

Traveling for business is a great opportunity for watching webinars, attending seminars and listening to podcasts on personal development. Whether the webinar teaches you useful business-related skills or personal skills, business travel gives you a great opportunity to better yourself.

Meet up With LinkedIn Connections

If dining alone sounds unbearable, see if any local LinkedIn connections are free to get together for dinner. Use LinkedIn's filtered search to find connections in the area, or search for friends in the area using Facebook. Using the search bar at the top of your Facebook page, simply type "friends in [city name]" and press enter. A list of Facebook friends who reside in that specific city will appear.

Go to the Gym

Not only is exercise an effective remedy for relieving symptoms of sadness, stress and depression, it is also crucial for your physical health - especially after spending so many hours in business meetings.

Enjoy the Quiet

If home life is busy and chaotic, traveling for work can be the perfect time to enjoy some quiet and relaxation. Whether you make the time to get a massage, attend a drop-in yoga class, take a bubble bath or read a book, traveling for business is the perfect opportunity for some quiet personal reflection.